Friday, 2 January 2015


NOW THAT THE X-MASS HOLIDAYS ARE DONE WE SHOULD STAR THINKING ABOUT THE NEW YEARS EVE SEASONZ i mean who wouldn't love to put on dis alll black ?perfect gal

new fashion trends

now trend!hmm me i rilly love these new trends like the new fashion off springs omg they really march some ones likings .i mean now look at that stripped skirt ,and the white top?hm when it come to the coat ,PERFECT .guys what i am trying to point out here is that we are kinda prepared for 2015 in the fashion way like let me gv you some tips about this trend ,don;t just wear any thing cause you think it is good for you and your feelings,nuh now let us talk about that trench coat ,just look at the colour i mean brown is some of the coolest colour that u can think of on earth .you can go with it any where you want,is it night club?a date ,late meetings? i mean some of you may not get me well it can work even for a meeting cause guys hmmmm holidays are over now BUSINESS.OKAY NOW THAT IS ALL I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THE NEW FASHION OFF SPRINGS LOOK 2015 LIVE A BLESSED LIFE  and remember fashion is the definition of life

what to wear on a date

now guy i may soun d so ,i dno't know but for real just look at this girl !like daaahahahah i mean she just kills it i love her out fit coz like just look at the PINK SKIRT .HHHHUUUU GUSH then the top hmmmm this is really a perfect out fit for a nyt out and it may not only be that nyt out with a guy but at the sam etime it can be  a girls nite out like i call it the CRYSTAL DAY where you get to hung out with these cool bebez i mean whats the best thing on earth than that? okay before i go guys help me tell you about the heels,i mean they are showing out the front legs and i love it, i totally love it.then the hair?SPEECHLESS!! CUEVY OHHH I LOVE THIS .SO IF I LOVE IT WHO ARE YOU SO AS NOT TO LOVE IT?just get it in the mallz and have a lovely nyt out all in all this is a perfect wear for a date

men african wear

hmmmmm the  men don't think that an african taxido is so bad for life ?hm nuh for you own information it isn't hm actually these aere one of the coolest trend new ,i call them THE TWIN AFRICAN TXIDOZ ,UHHHH so maen out there get out and buy yo self one hmmm now ,run
okay now guys these are some oof the new african trends that you should not miss out ,am i mean just look at these short dresses OMG THEY AR SO COOL FOR LIFE and btw look at the pint outs uhhh ok me i die this .okay i am only giving you advise that this dress shouldn't miss out your new shopping for the brand new year ##2015LOV THE FEELING